Connie had great success from our Life Changing Program.. 💪👊👍
As Connie approached the big 50 her body just wouldn’t co-operate. The weight kept increasing to the point she just couldn’t deal any longer. As a former size 8 reached a size 14 it was time for a change. She found Integrated Medical Center of Florida, Medical Weight Loss Program that changed her life ☺☺ without having to work out! 🙌🙌

After 4 months she reached her goal of a 30lbs down to a size 8 and she still maintains her weight, with NO exercise.

Way to go Connie!


Before Lawanna started the program, she was 190; size 18 and she tried every diet out there. The diets would work for the first few pounds, but she could never ‘keep it off’. In July, Lawanna decide to commit to Integrated Medical Center of Florida, LLC Medical Weight Loss Program. At first the weight loss was for dropping pounds, and appearance..little did Lawanna know how much the program would change her life. In four short months, she lost 25 pounds, down a to a size 11. She had more energy, and started to become a doer instead of “I want do.” Lawanna has ran several 5k, currently signed up for a half marathon. The life that our program has given her is unreal, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.


Help me give a huge shout out to Bryon 👏👏
Bryon started his weight loss journey with Integrated Medical Center of Florida 6 months ago. When we first meet Bryon he was 339 lbs with a A1C of 12.4.. Today, Bryon weighs 241 lbs with a A1C of 6.7. It wasn’t easy to go from eating whatever to following a new lifestyle change. But, thanks to the support at home and the help of the fantastic staff at Integrated who were always there with encouragement, tips, weekly challenges and goals. I haven’t reached my goal as of yet, but with the big kick start and lessons learned I will reach it soon. Way to go, Bryon!

Kristina F.

All my life people have judged me on my weight, somehow it affected them. Family, friends, people I didn’t even know. My highest weight I remember seeing on the scale was 170 and at 4″11 that’s way too much. So I tried over and over again and failed every time. Last year I lost 30lbs all on my own by changing my diet and running 2 miles every day. Then I got in an car accident in October and couldn’t run anymore, I also started eating poorly again and gained a lot of my weight back. This year I met Dr.Mike and he set me up with Angela and Tina and they’ve taught me so much about eating clean and being healthy. I loved the weekly appointments and the counseling helped me a lot. I am finally on track with my weight that I have struggled my entire life with.

Thank you guys so much 🙂

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